About Emma


Chinese medicine is a beautiful and elegant system of medicine that continues to inspire and amaze me.  In my 13 years of practice, i have been fortunate to witness many patients transform their health and lives through their experience with acupuncture and the practical wisdom of Chinese medicine.


I have a special interest in emotional health and the mind and body connection, and this has inspired me to take up further studies in Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture.  Other areas of focus include- women’s health, including menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and menopause; digestive health; children’s health; headaches and migraine.

I place emphasis on understanding your unique health situation through listening deeply to you; to grasp the bigger picture of your health – your emotional and spiritual world as well as what is happening in your body.


When I’m not acupuncturing or studying I like to relax by chatting with friends about life, doing yoga and going for walks in the bush around Castlemaine (where I live) with my two children and dog.