Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Chinese Medicine is gentle and holistic way to restore balance to the body and mind.  It is an ancient system of medicine that has been consistently in use and continues to evolve today.

Most people think of acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine when considering Chinese medicine.  There are, however, many facets that  contribute to this system.  These include everyday lifestyle practices such as movement or exercise, meditation or mind body practices, nutrition, massage, feng shui (harmonising with the environment) and astrology.


A consultation with a Chinese medicine practitioner may include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, massage, cupping or moxibustion.  As part of your ongoing treatment they will usually ask you to make some lifestyle changes to help keep you balanced and healthy.


Acupuncture is the main tool I use in a session as that is what my training has been focused on, however I love helping patients make simple changes in their daily lives to bring about sustained results as quickly as possible.  Chinese dietary therapy is something I work with frequently (nearly always!) to help improve nutrition and digestion.


Other techniques I use are moxibustion and cupping.  Moxibustion involves using a warming herb (Chinese mugwart) over acupuncture points and meridians.  There are many ways of applying it, but in general it feels very relaxing and nourishing.  Cupping is the use of glass cups that are suctioned onto areas of the body.  It is most frequently used to encourage qi flow, relax muscular tension and alleviate the symptoms of congestion associated with the lungs.