About Emma


Chinese medicine is a beautiful and elegant system of medicine that endlessly continues to inspire and amaze me.  In my 16 years of practice, i have been fortunate to witness many patients transform their health and lives through their experience with this medicine.

I am passionate about all facets of women’s and children’s health and love supporting families to be their healthiest and most balanced.  Some areas of focus include ~ menstrual health (from menarche to menopause); fertility; pregnancy, birthing & postpartum support; menopause; hormonal imbalances; headaches & migraines; digestive health; anxiety & depression; and recurrent colds, coughs or ear infections.

My style of Chinese medicine practice is continually being refined.  As well as the invaluable learning i receive from my patients, i love to undertake further studies in the above mentioned areas.  Currently i am studying under Steven Clavey, a Chinese herbal gynecologist based in Melbourne, as well as completing a White Pine Institute mentorship program in classical Chinese herbal medicine with Sharon Weizenbaum.

I place emphasis on understanding your unique health situation through listening deeply to you; to grasp the bigger picture of your health ~ your emotional and spiritual world as well as what is happening in your body.

When I’m not in the clinic i absolutely love doing yoga and going for walks in the bush around Castlemaine (where I live) with my two beautiful and ever inspiring children.