Your Practitioner Emma Brinkman

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is an important aspect of Chinese medicine and it’s use dates back thousands of years. In Australia over 400 plant, mineral and animal substances have been approved for use by AHPRA registered Chinese medicine practitioners. 


Your herbal medicine script is written and dispensed specifically for you after a detailed discussion on your health. 


A little about the different types of herbs I prescribe ~


Raw herbs

The most effective way to take Chinese herbs.  If you opt for raw herbs you will be given specific instructions on how to prepare them at home as you will need to cook them up. 

Raw herbal scripts are dispensed by Bendigo Chinese Medicine where there is a comprehensive and high quality Chinese herbal dispensary. If you are located in Castlemaine they can be collected from the Hub building or posted out to you. 


Granulated herbs

The next most effective way to take herbs is in granulated form. Not quite as strong as a raw herbal formula but still very efficient and very easy to take – just mix into some warm water and drink like you would a tea. 

Granulated herbs are from Ko Da and are stringently tested for heavy metals, pesticides and other residues.


Pills or capsules

Are not as strong acting, but are not the most convenient. They are made out of powdered herbs compressed into pills.


Other forms of herbal medicine may also be prescribed including tinctures, creams, balms or liniments for external use. 


Ethical sourcing of herbs is important to me. I don’t prescribe substances listed as endangered or CITES listed. I use animal substances minimally and always with consent of the patient. They can easily be avoided if you are vegetarian or vegan.