Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles into points located on meridians (energy pathways) traversing the body.  It has an extensive history of use (over 2,500 years) and is very effective and safe.

After gathering all the relevant information about your health at the start of the session i will form a diagnosis based on Chinese medicine principles and select specific points to use.  These will be discussed with you before needling, as well as any other techniques to be used in your session.

In my clinic i use both TCM acupuncture and Constitutional Five Element Acupuncture, depending on what is most beneficial for your presentation.  My style of needling is gentle and i use very fine, high quality needles.  Most people, even those who are initially needle phobic, report that receiving acupuncture is a very relaxing experience.

Acupuncture may be received as a treatment in itself or combined with Chinese herbal medicine.  If you are unsure which type of treatment is best for you, please give us a call to discuss the best option for you.  Other techniques commonly used in treatment, including moxibustion and cupping as well as dietary and lifestyle advice for you to follow at home.

Moxibustion involves using a warming herb (Chinese mugwort) over acupuncture points and meridians.  There are many ways of applying it, but in general it feels relaxing and nourishing.

Cupping is the use of glass cups that are suctioned onto areas of the body.  It is most frequently used to encourage qi (energy) flow, relax muscular tension and alleviate symptoms of congestion associated with the lungs.