Women's Health

Women’s Health

Most women will experience some form of hormonal imbalance or issue related to their menstrual cycle at some stage in their life.  Chinese Medicine is a safe, effective and highly refined way of balancing issues related to menstruation, from menarche (onset) to menopause.

Acupuncture and other lifestyle changes can help regulate the cycle and alleviate pain as well as balancing hormonal symptoms such as mood changes, hot flushes, bloating, low libido and skin breakouts.

Fertility is a common reason for women to seek help from a Chinese medicine practitioner.  Acupuncture is combined with practical and grounded lifestyle advice to enhance fertility and create an optimum environment for conception to occur.

During pregnancy, acupuncture is a very safe way to maintain health as well as to treat symptoms such as nausea, back pain, constipation, fatigue, insomnia and breech presentation.  Pregnancy treatments are aimed at facilitating relaxation and preparing the body for birth.  Acupuncture is a wonderful support from pre-conception to post birth.

I feel particularly passionate about helping women navigate the experience of birth and the immediate postpartum period.  Ongoing treatments during this time are an opportunity to explore feelings around birth, clarifying what is important to you during labour and understanding what to expect during childbirth and afterwards in the postnatal period.

As the realm of women’s health is very broad, please contact me if you would like to know how your specific needs can be met.